Scarlett Johansson stop faking like there was some big difference of opinion, you got called out by Oxfam and BDS activists for working with Sodastream and you chose the paycheck to fund your new home in the Hamptons. Shame on you!

So much that can be reported on but no it has to be front cover stories about a rich, white young man who doesn’t know how good he has it in the world. Next!

Madonna, you and Ani should get together and actually learn how to apologize!

Hopefully marriage equality will just be federalized one day, but Utah, Oklahoma, y’all gettin’ served hard!!!

Stop shaming people on their weight and live your own damn life! Stop the care trolling!

Created a profile of a supposed Black woman to try and win a debate and couldn’t even use slang correctly. SMDH.

Your coworker who you only say hi to while passing them in the hallway and you don’t see outside the office doesn’t count.